The Various Types of Greetings Commonly Used by Balinese

The Various Types of Greetings Commonly Used by Balinese – Local language when visiting a place can be a suitable means to familiarize yourself. While in Bali, you can also learn the language a little, no need to study comprehensively. As a first step, you can find out the suitable types of greetings for Balinese people.

The greeting words used by Balinese can vary according to their respective status, age, or gender. Mistakes in pronouncing greetings can make you embarrassed. In fact, it could be considered an act of disrespect. Therefore, let’s learn proper Balinese greetings to avoid these unpleasant things.

Types of Greetings for Balinese Boys

When you are dealing with a male person while in Bali, there are several types of words that can be used, namely:

1. Bli

This greeting has become a type of word that is familiar to the ears of ordinary people. You can use the word bli when dealing with Balinese men as a means of intimacy. In addition, bli is also a suitable greeting if you deal with a few years older and still young people.

2. Gus

If you are dealing with an unknown teenage Balinese, you can call them gus. The meaning of gus in Balinese is handsome. In addition, Gus is also used to refer to Ida Bagus, which is a Balinese call from the Brahmin caste. Ida Bagus is often shortened to debagus.

3. Jero

Calls using the word jero are also often used as play. You can use this nickname when dealing with religious leaders or high-caste people. Usually, you will find a greeting in the form of Jero Mangku or the greeting of Jero connected by name.

Apart from Jero, the greeting for religious leaders is Ratu Aji, which can be shortened to Tuaji. Meanwhile, there is also a title in Gus Aji, which is attached to religious leaders who are still unmarried.

4. Pekak

If you are dealing with very old people, the correct name is Pekak abbreviated as Sis. As an alternative, you can also use the greetings of Wayah or Datuk.

Greetings for Women in Bali

As well as greetings for men, the types of greetings for Balinese women also vary greatly. Some of them are:

1. Mbok

Mbok is a greeting equivalent to Bli, used to address people who are considered older or more senior.

2. Jegeg or geg

Geg can also be used to greet young girls in Bali. Jegeg means beautiful.

3. Ida Ayu or Dayu

Calls in Dayu or Ida Ayu are the proper greetings when dealing with women from the Brahmin caste.

4. Jero

Jero is not only a greeting that applies to men. You can also use this greeting when dealing with Balinese women from a higher caste. In addition, there is also a call from Ratu Biang or Dayu Biang, which is addressed to the family of religious leaders.

5. Nini

To call grandmother, there are several greetings that you can use. The most frequently used greetings are nini or ninik. However, you can also find greetings with the words odah, niyang, or dadong.

6. Men

Calls for older women also often use men, mek, or memes. This nickname is used to call Mother, as in Ibu Nyoman Men Nyoman.

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