4 Cool and Unique Crafts from Used Goods to Reduce Waste

Do you need home accessories and decorations to beautify your home at a low price? Try first to make crafts from used goods. Not only does it have a unique and interesting impression, handicrafts from used goods are also effective for reducing waste at home while continuing to increase your creativity.

No need to make anything complicated, you can make crafts from used goods that are simple, but still beautiful and functional, below!

New Flower Vase from Used Glass Bottles

Used glass bottles are one of the most widely used objects for making crafts from used goods. Often, these used glass bottles are used to make beautiful and luxurious flower vases.

You can apply creative painting techniques, such as the inspiration above, which uses masking tape to create a unique motif or pattern. In addition to being a flower vase, you can make crafts from used goods using used glass bottles as table decorations to store unique knick-knacks.

Making Wall Shelf from Leftover Wood

Your budget is limited to buy wall shelves or display shelves? Relax, if in your house there are remnants of unused wooden blocks, just turn them into functional wall shelves, like the inspiration above.

Although it looks very simple, this craft from used goods can make your home look more aesthetic. Thus, you can display your favorite decorations or collections more efficiently.

To make crafts from these used items, don’t forget to cut the wood neatly so as not to damage the appearance of your home interior design. You can also coat this wooden wall shelf with wood varnish or wood polish.

By making handicrafts from these used goods, you will also contribute to realizing environmental love and reducing waste, okay!

Beautiful Hanging Pots from Plastic Bottles

Who says plastic bottles can’t be used as handicrafts that have uses? Peeking at this inspiration, you can make hanging plant pots to plant flowers, hydroponic plants, or other plants.

Crafts from used goods are very suitable to be applied to a vertical garden in a small house. When making crafts from these used items, don’t forget to paint your hanging pots evenly with the color you want to make it look more attractive and decorative.

Used Books Become New Decorations

Stacks of books often end up at the flea dealer at a price that is not worth the purchase price. In fact, you only need a little creativity to turn books into attractive decorations.

Crafts from used goods with your book collection can be done practically by repainting the book to be white or the color you like to be used as home decoration.

From now on, if there are used goods or items that are not used, try turning them into crafts from used goods, OK! Thus, it is guaranteed that the house is free from piles of garbage, in fact the house becomes more beautiful with versatile decorations and furniture.

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