6 The Easiest And Simplest Types Of Handicrafts To Make

Types Of Handicrafts – Do you want to make a craft but have no idea? Imitating existing examples of handicrafts can be the right choice.

Today, there are many crafts that are easy to make. In fact, the materials needed are very easy to find around the house.

Utilization of used goods in the right hands, used goods can be transformed into something high-worthy. With a few examples of craft drawings and a little creativity, you too can make used items more useful.

Not only used goods, you can also use other materials to make unique and useful handicrafts. For inspiration, here are some examples of this type of craft.

Unique and Simple Types Of Handicrafts


There are many creative ideas for making crafts from used goods. Starting from used bottles, paper, patchwork, straws, and various other used items can be made into useful handicrafts.

For example, here are some types and examples of inspiring crafts and how to make crafts that you can try at home. 6 The Easiest And Simplest Types Of Handicrafts To Make

1. Wooden Makeup Case

This picture of wood crafts is certainly very interesting for women. Besides being practical, you can easily find the makeup tools you need. You also don’t need a lot of capital to make it.

You only need to prepare wood with the size and shape you want, a saw, and a small drill. Next, use a drill to make holes in the wood. Adjust the size of the hole with the makeup tools you have.

Finally, you can coat the surface of the wood with varnish to make it more attractive. Do not forget to smooth it first with sandpaper before using the varnish.

2. Knitting crafts

Handicrafts from this wool thread can be made into a variety of useful objects. For example, sweaters, blankets, scarves, and dolls.

The selling price of this all-round knitting craft is quite expensive because it is made manually and requires precision. In order for this knitwear to be of high quality, choose a wool yarn that is not easily decomposed when finished knitting and is warm but soft on the skin. In addition, diligently surfing the internet to get interesting pattern ideas.

3. Resin crafts

Resin is a liquid made from tree sap. The color is clear and can freeze when dried in the sun. These properties make resin a unique handicraft material.

You can make pendant necklaces, earrings, rings, and key chains. There are many molds for resin available on the market, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

To make it more interesting, add other materials such as glitter powder or dried plants. You can add color if you want. The capital is affordable, but the selling price of this craft is quite high because it looks beautiful.

4. Air freshener candle craft

In the past, candles worked as a light source. Now, candles began to be developed as aromatherapy. The name of the craft is aromatherapy candle or sachet candle. The hallmark of this craft is the decoration of flowers or dried herbs. The scent of this candle will scent the room without opening it first.

The ingredients needed to make are beeswax, a container for melting the wax, aromatherapy oil, and dried flowers or herbs. Choose a special waxed concrete that looks attractive and comes with a hole for the rope.

After placing the wax and aromatherapy oil mixture, arrange dried flowers or herbs on top. Adjust the garnish to the scent of the candle, then let it freeze. Some of the decorations that are often used for this craft are rose petals, lavender, baby breath, cinnamon, and coffee beans

5. Scrapbooking crafts

A scrapbook is a craft made like a book with several pages containing photos, writings, or decorations. This craft idea is currently popular because it is very suitable as a special gift.

How to make it is not difficult. The tools and materials you need are blank books, paper with various colors and motifs, scissors, glue, stationery such as pencils, markers, and crayons, photos that you want to paste, and decorations according to taste.

Well, if all the tools and materials are ready, you can immediately make this craft. First, first determine the scrapbook concept you want to make, including its size. After that, you can start decorating it however you like. Starting from coating the book with colored paper, pasting photos with sweet memories, to adding various decorations to beautify the scrapbook.

6. Bamboo crafts

Bamboo is one type of plant that is easy to grow in any place, both hills and lowland forests. It is a hardy and weather-resistant plant. Indonesia has about 140 species of bamboo. Several types of bamboo, such as yellow bamboo, apus bamboo, and bamboo, are suitable for use as ornamental plants in the yard.

Bamboo has extraordinary strength and is resistant to earthquake shocks. In the villages, many still use bamboo as a material for house construction. Unfortunately, many people have started to switch to other materials, even those who live in disaster-prone areas.

Bamboo is known to have resistance to insects and moisture, it is also very environmentally friendly, so it is worthy of being used as a material for making crafts. Many crafts can be made from bamboo, such as fans, wall hangings, key chains, table decorations, and so on. You can also make your own handicrafts from bamboo.

That’s all from our discussion about Types Of Handicrafts that are unique, simple, and easy to make, thank you, hopefully it’s useful

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