Exploring the Beauty of Pelisan Waterfall in Kintamani

Pelisan Waterfall – Bali offers one of the worth-visiting tourist destinations. This island of the gods never ceases to captivate its visitors, one of which is its waterfalls. In Kintamani, there’s Pelisan waterfall, which is a gem not to be missed.

It’s one of the attractions that will complement your holiday in Bali. This recently discovered waterfall has its own charm that rivals other waterfalls in the Island of the Gods.

It’s no wonder that more and more people are starting to inquire about the waterfall in Kintamani. Many are searching through the internet and visiting this serene tourist spot firsthand. Especially for travelers who are more intrigued by untouched and natural places.

Getting to Know Pelisan Waterfall


Pelisan Waterfall is one of the many waterfalls in Bali. Waterfalls themselves in the Island of the Gods are sought-after tourist destinations besides beaches. Waterfalls in Bali always leave an unforgettable impression due to their allure. Each region in Bali has unique waterfall attractions.

For example, Kintamani has a lesser-known waterfall named Pelisan, locally referred to as Langgahan waterfall. The area has its own distinctive features as it remains untouched and pristine. The natural ambiance of Langgahan waterfall is characterized by lush green valleys.

Location of Pelisan Waterfall

This unique waterfall is located in Langgahan village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, thus often referred to as Langgahan waterfall. To reach this tourist destination from Denpasar city, it’s approximately 51 km. While from Ubud, it’s about 35 km to Kintamani. If coming from the center of Kintamani itself, it takes around half an hour with a distance of 18 km.

Langgahan waterfall boasts crystal-clear water sourced from natural springs. The water is safe to drink and refreshing. What makes this tourist destination unique is that the water doesn’t directly fall to the ground; rather, it flows down a sloping cliff situated in the river valley.

The multiple water sources enhance its beauty, coupled with its pristine and untouched environment.

Advantages of Pelisan Waterfall

Being far from the city and its hustle and bustle makes this destination suitable for travelers seeking tranquility or a break from urban routines. Pelisan waterfall is believed by locals to be suitable for bathing and spiritual purification, eliminating negative auras from the body.

Moreover, Langgahan waterfall enjoys a strategic and easily accessible location. This makes it convenient for anyone to visit in a shorter time. Its cool atmosphere and pollution-free air are also advantages of this attraction.

Furthermore, Langgahan village offers various fresh and quality fruits and vegetables, with oranges being its icon. Local orange farmers even allow tourists to pick oranges directly from the trees.

Access has been made easy thanks to the locals constructing good roads accessible by motor vehicles. There’s no need to trek or climb lengthy stairs; accessing this place is very convenient.

Entrance Ticket for Pelisan Waterfall

Pelisan waterfall is indeed one of the sought-after tourist destinations. Despite being relatively new, its beauty has already been heard by locals and tourists alike. The entrance fee or donation upon entering this beautiful waterfall is voluntary for locals.

However, locals understand that the waterfall is a tourist spot, so its facilities are quite adequate as a tourist destination. Adequate facilities are one of the factors that contribute to visitors feeling comfortable and enjoying their visit to Pelisan waterfall.

For those in need of a unique and pristine tourist spot, Pelisan waterfall can definitely be on their wishlist.

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