12 Tourist Attractions in Klungkung Bali, You Must Visit

The Bali Provincial Government is currently trying to revive tourism. This effort is evidenced by implementing a quarantine-free policy and Visa on Arrival for foreign tourists.

Klungkung Regency is also one of the locations in Bali, which has many exciting tourist destinations to visit. Tourist attractions in Klungkung are divided into two locations, namely mainland Klungkung and the islands, which include destinations in Nusa Penida District. Well, here are exciting tourist attractions in Klungkung Regency.

10 Tourist Attractions in Klungkung

1. Kerta Gosa

Kerta Gosa is the most recognized tourist destination in Klungkung. This historical place is located in the heart of Semarapura city. Kerta Gosa is known as a historical place because it became the location of the Klungkung puputan war in 1908 ago

2. The Semarajaya Museum

The Semarajaya Museum is still in the exact location of Kerta Gosa. This museum is the leading destination for foreign tourists who admire various historical relics or cultural products of the Klungkung people

3. The Puputan Klungkung Monument

The Puputan Klungkung Monument, located on the north side of Kerta Gosa and is still an integral part of the Semarapura City Tour concept. This destination is usually a favorite place for local tourists

4. Bakas Tourism Village

Bakas Tourism Village is located in Banjarangkan District. In recent years, this tourist village has continued to grow. Despite the pandemic, domestic tourists still often visit this destination. In Bakas Tourism Village, tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of the rice fields, accompanied by mouth-watering laklak culinary delights

5. Goa Lawah

Goa Lawah is located in Pesinggahan Village or east of Klungkung. This destination is a favorite destination for foreign tourists because there is a temple with a cave filled with bats. Besides temples, visitors can also visit Goa Lawah Beach

6. Kamasan village

Kamasan village is located on the south side of Semarapura City. This village has been known for its residents, most of whom are engaged in painting. This village is also home to the world-famous Kamasan Classical Puppet painting

7. Crystal Bay Beach

Crystal Bay Beach is a must-visit destination if you visit Nusa Penida. This destination is located in Sakti Village and is one of the best destinations to enjoy Sunrise

8. Pasih Uug or Broken Beach

Pasih Uug or Broken Beach is also located in Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida. This beach has a unique shape. You can take pictures with the background of the wavy cliffs underneath

9. Klingking Beach

Klingking Beach is located in Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful beaches and islands that are very iconic by taking pictures at this tourist spot

10. Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is located in Pejukutan Village, Nusa Penida. This beach is called diamond because it has white sand clean like a diamond. This beach also has a group of islands that are iconic in shape

11. The mangrove forest in Jungutbatu Village

The mangrove forest in Jungutbatu Village, Nusa Lembongan, is a must-visit destination. Tourists can vacation by wading through the mangrove forest using a small boat. After that, tourists can also enjoy a variety of culinary processed fresh seafood obtained directly from local fishermen

12. Jungutbatu Beach in Jungutbatu Village

Jungutbatu Beach in Jungutbatu Village, Lembongan Island, can visit the location. The white sand beach with views of Mount Agung on the north side of the beach adds to the beauty of this beach. On this beach, tourists can also see the activities of seaweed farmers

Those are exciting tourist attractions in Klungkung Regency that you can visit. Happy holidays and enjoy its beauty.

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