The Reason Why You Need to Visit Lovina Beach in Bali

The Reason Why You Need to Visit Lovina Beach in Bali – I think you should try going to North Bali. Who often visits Bali? Well usually people will go to the southern part of Bali. What’s wrong with northern Bali? North Bali has one of the most beautiful beaches, namely Lovina Beach.

Lovina Beach is a beach located about 9 km west of the city of Singaraja. This beach is one of the famous tourist attractions in North Bali. Local and foreign tourists often visit there. The unspoiled beaches are a place to see dolphins at Lovina Beach. Lovina Beach offers natural beaches with the main attraction. Here are the reasons why you need to visit Lovina Beach, Bali!


This is a famous tourist attraction from Lovina beach with its dolphin show in the middle of the sea. Foreign and local tourists can see dolphins in the habitat they visit. All you have to do is rent a boat to see the dolphins directly by boat before sunrise. The dolphins will appear around 6.00 to 08.00 WITA. In the morning, you are treated to a beautiful view, which is very exciting!

Take a walk enjoying the morning atmosphere

Tourists can enjoy quality time. It can be with any partner alone. You can rent a boat to get around or pull over on the edge of a hill. Which makes you very relaxed there. Moreover, the fresh morning can not be missed. You can jog; it’s also more enjoyable when the dawn is just breaking. It’s lovely! It will be more memorable with a particular person.

Beautiful Sunrise

Lovina Beach is really top. Here, you can really enjoy the beautiful sunrise, which usually other beaches offer sunset views that provide both. Lovina’s coastline faces the north side so that tourists can take a boat to the middle of the sea to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. It’s excellent!

While waiting for the dolphins to come to the surface, you can see the beautiful red dawn behind the hill as well as the sun at the end of the sea. In addition, you can capture the moment by taking selfies or directly taking photos of the object!


This beautiful beach also provides snorkeling activities. Divers are often assisted with diving fins to dive the beautiful sea waters of Lovina Beach, which are safe for all people. Coral reefs and diverse fish make you fall in love with love. Lovina saves a million beauties under the sea.

Very strategic for other tours too

This beautiful beach itself is located on Jl. Binaria, Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng Regency, Bali. Well, this beach is not only good, it turns out that the location is also close to other tours. Such as Banjar hot springs, Brahmavihara Amara Temple, Bali Strawberry Farm, and Restaurant, and many more tourist destinations can be visited. Moreover, the facilities are also complete for stalls, cafes, toilets, the parking area is also spacious, there is also a beach club. So, if that’s the case, who doesn’t make a beta there? It’s really complete.

So, that was why you should visit Lovina beach, how are you interested in trying it?

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