5 Reasons Why Balinese Kintamani Coffee Is Delicious

Suppose you are a true coffee lover who is on vacation in Bali. In that case, there is nothing wrong with stopping at Kintamani in Bangli Regency. Kintamani coffee is already trendy among local and foreign coffee connoisseurs.

Kintamani coffee has a soft and sweet taste. There is a secret leak behind the deliciousness of this Kintamani coffee.

1. Kintamani coffee is classified as Arabica coffee

Kintamani coffee is excellent and the best in Bali. Well, Kintamani coffee is included in the Arabica type, you know. This coffee has a mild taste and unique aroma. I will be addicted!

2. Planted in the Kintamani highlands

Kintamani coffee is grown in the Kintamani highlands above 900 masl. Kintamani is not only about mountains and Lake Batur. Have you been there?

3. Kintamani coffee has a distinctive citrus aroma

Pexels/Georgi Petrov

Another uniqueness of Kintamani coffee is its citrus aroma. It turns out that the aroma arises because Kintamani coffee is grown side by side with citrus fruit plants. This is what makes Kintamani coffee different from other coffees. Curious, right?

4. Acidity level is at a medium level

Kintamani coffee has a moderate acidity level. Because the coffee beans used are only selected coffee beans and processing is done traditionally. This is what makes the coffee has a mild taste and distinctive aroma.

5. Kintamani coffee has gone global

If so, there is no doubt about it. Bali, which has always been the target of foreign tourists, is not wrong if Foreigners favor Kintamani coffee lovers. Even Kintamani coffee has been exported to the United States since 1825. Curious about how it tastes? Just buy it.

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