Tanah Lot: Attractions, Information, and Tips

Tanah Lot is one of the tour packages in Bali which is visited by many local and foreign tourists. The beauty of the coral island in the middle of the sea, the waves, and the scenery around it make Tanah Lot never empty of visitors every day.

To know more about Tanah Lot, which is very attractive, pay attention to the description below. You can get information regarding locations, tickets, exciting things to do there, to tips on what to do to make your visit run smoothly.

Exciting Things to Do in Tanah Lot

Here are exciting things that tourists can do when taking the Tanah Lot tour package.

Enjoying the Beauty of Coral Island

The main attraction of Tanah Lot is the coral island which has a temple in the middle. This island is nicknamed Tanah Lot and is visited by thousands of people every day. When taking a tour package here, tourists can see the island from a distance or come closer if they are not afraid to cross the ocean.

Watching Religious Ceremonies

Four days after Kuningan Day, Hindus carry out a Piodalan or religious ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple. Lucky tourists who visit Tanah Lot right on that day. Tourists can see tens or hundreds of Hindus walking in an orderly and solemn procession to the temple. They will pray at the temple but wash their faces in holy springs. It’s a sacred atmosphere that will not be forgotten.

Witnessing the Sacred Snake

The next exciting thing when visiting Tanah Lot is witnessing the sacred snake. Local residents believe that the holy snake here is the incarnation of the temple’s founder. When you see it, tourists who take this tour package are not allowed to do bad things, such as hitting or pelting them with stones.

The sacred snake’s characteristics in the Tanah Lot tour package area are a flat tail similar to a fish. In addition, the body color of the snake is black with yellow stripes. Local people also believe that a god sent the snake to protect the Tanah Lot area.

Waiting for sunset

Like Kuta Beach or the Uluwatu Temple area, enjoying the sunset at Tanah Lot is also a must-do. Tourists who take the Tanah Lot tour package can wait until the afternoon to watch the golden sunset, which will provide a calm, comfortable, and of course, romantic atmosphere for couples.

To get a beautiful sunset atmosphere, tourists who take this tour package are advised to come late afternoon. By doing that, the time to wait for sunset will not belong. Exploration in Tanah Lot generally takes 2 hours from arriving, crossing, to hunting for photos.

Hunting Photos and Playing with Sea Water

An activity that should not be forgotten when taking a tour package to Tanah Lot is photo hunting. Tourists who like photography can take many exciting objects here until satisfied, ranging from views from far, up close and opinions of the beaches around the island.

While crossing the temple area, tourists can also play in the water around the beach. It is recommended not to go too far when playing in the water because the waves here are pretty high. And some marine animals can hurt the feet. So, safety remains a priority when taking the Tanah Lot tour package.

Information related to Tanah Lot

Before taking the Tanah Lot tour package, pay attention to the critical information below.

Location: Beraban, Kediri, Tabanan Regency, Bali

Operating hours: 07.00-19.00 WITA

While in Tanah Lot, tourists are not allowed to destroy or kill the animals there, including snakes. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the temple and do a photography session.

Tips for Visiting Tanah Lot

Several tips must be done when taking a Tanah Lot tour package. Here’s a full description.

  • Come here in the afternoon or before sunset. The exciting attraction of Tanah Lot, apart from coral islands, is the golden sunset which can be seen clearly and captured with a camera.
  • Don’t break the rules that are there. Obey the manager by not destroying what is there, entering sacred places, or touching objects carelessly.
  • Sacred snakes often appear around coral islands. Tourists are prohibited from hitting, stepping on, or killing them when viewing.
  • If visiting during the day, use sunscreen on the skin. The air here is hot, and the scorching sun can burn the skin. Some foreign tourists deliberately come without sunscreen because they want skin tanning. So, do not imitate.
  • Prepare a lot of cellphone or camera memory because the area around Tanah Lot is quite photogenic and instagrammable.
  • Use strong footwear so that you don’t hurt yourself from stepping on coral or marine animals such as sea urchins when crossing your feet.


Because the location is relatively easy to reach, some means of transportation can be used.

  • Taxi
  • Vehicle online
  • Public transportation
  • Rental vehicle

Of the four mentioned above, online and rental vehicles can be recommended because they are more flexible and save a tiny budget.

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