5 Tourist Attractions In Kintamani! too Instagrammable

Let’s check 5 Instagramable Tourist Attractions in Kintamani, Bali. Hello Balise, Do you want to take a vacation to Kintamani but are confused about what tourist attractions to visit in Kintamani?

Well, this time Baliamerta will inform you about instahgramable tourist attractions in Kintamani. This tourist spot is very worth visiting if you are planning a vacation to the Kintamani area, Bangli.

Kintamani is one of the favorite tourist areas for foreign and domestic tourists. Because this area provides a variety of beautiful and enchanting natural panoramas. Located at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. This area has cooler and cooler temperatures at night.

From several tourist attractions in Bali such as Uluwatu temple in southern Bali then Tanah Lot with amazing panoramas, the Kintamani area is no less beautiful than other tourist attractions in Bali.

5 Instagrammable Tourist Attractions in Kintamani

Now for more details, let’s see what tourist attractions are hits in Kintamani, which are included in the list of instagramable tourist attractions in Kintamani. Let’s check below;

1. Instagramable Hangout Places

Instagramable cafes in Kintamani –

When talking about hangout spots in Kintamani, it is not inferior to sunset hangout spots in Bali. You can get panoramic views of mountains, lakes, and cloud oceans in this area. A friend just choose one of the instagramable cafes in Kintamani which is built on the edge of the cliff facing the mountain and lake.

It is very beautiful when the sun rises with its golden light through the glass walls of this Kintamani cafe. So this is the best instagramable tourist spot and hits in Kintamani today.

You can just order a cup of coffee accompanied by snacks to accompany this beautiful moment. The prices offered at each cafe in Kintamani are quite cheap, ranging from 25k to 50k depending on the type of drink.

2. Songan Village

Glorious sunrise and stunning morning views from mount Batur –

Songan village presents a savanna with black boulders from the lava eruption of Mount Batur. It has a large field and is used as a place for pre-wedding or unique istagramable photos in Kintamani. Many young people and cool photo seekers with the background of the towering Mount Batur.

Climb up to one of the black boulders overgrown with beautiful weeds at sunrise in the morning or in the afternoon. The beautiful natural atmosphere at sunrise is a unique and amazing experience here.

3. Pinggan Village Kintamani

View of Pinggan Kintamani Villages– Photo By Yudik Pradnyana

Pinggan Village Kintamani is an instagramable tourist spot in Kintamani and one of the interesting experiences on the island of Bali. Especially if you are a person who likes the sunrise atmosphere. This place presents a panoramic view of the sunrise on the east side of its location in the form of high land.

The best place in Bali to witness the panoramic view of the village shrouded in mist, with a mountainous background, is called Dusun Pinggan Kintamani. The altitude of Pinggan village is 1340 meters above sea level. At sunrise, visitors can immediately see the fog enveloping the rural area, with the background of Mount Batur with the colorful beauty of the sunrise.

From Pinggan village visitors can see the fog in the lower area, making Pinngan village popularly named Negeri Di Atas Awan. A beautiful natural situation at sunrise in Pinggan village at 06:00 am.

Therefore, tourists who want to witness the beautiful sunrise situation in the village of Pinggan must already be at the location at approximately 05:30 am.

4. Penelokan Village Kintamani

Penelokan Village –

Next is the unique and amazing mountain panorama in Penelokan Village. As the name implies in Balinese it means a place to look around as the most strategic location to enjoy the natural panorama in Kintamani. Penelokan is located in Kedisan which is a village in the Kintamani sub-district.

From Penelokan we can see a fantastic panorama combined with Mount Batur and a stretch of black rocks with Lake Batur resembling a blue crescent in a caldera that tourists call the most beautiful caldera in the world. Penelokan already has a fairly ideal infrastructure as an instagramable tourist spot in Kintamani.

From Penelokan we have two options to continue our journey in Kintamani. First, we can continue north towards Batur Village. In this village, we can visit the songan with the Kahyangan Jagat temple in Bali called Pura Batur.

This temple was previously located on the southwest side of Mount Batur which was then moved to coincide with the move of the villagers to higher ground.

5. Mount Batur Peak

Gunung Batur (

For those of you who love climbing, climbing Mount Batur is the best place to see the true beauty of the island of Bali. Many tourists flock to see the panoramic sunrise which is lower than the top of Mount Batur. In addition to the beautiful sunrise, you can also see the island of Bali with sparkling lights at dawn.

The highest mountain of Lombok and Mount Agung can also be seen from the top of Mount Batur. Many tourists produce instagramable photos with the background of the sunrise, the ocean of clouds and Lake Batur itself.

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