4 Must-Try Indonesian Tropical Fruits!

Indonesian Tropical Fruits – Indonesia is one of the tropical countries that have the greatest level of biodiversity. The same goes for fruits. There are many tropical fruits native to Indonesia. Some of them have a large vitamin C content, not inferior to imported fruits. Some food experts recommend eating foods according to the season.

Fruits are no exception. Indonesia has long been known as a country that produces abundant delicious fruits. The favorable climate and temperature make various types of fruits grow with fresher flavors.

1. Jackfruit

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Jackfruit is a fiber-filled fruit that has a distinctive smell and taste. It is a healthy food commonly consumed in several Asian countries such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. The flesh of jackfruit contains starch and the fruit is also considered beneficial for health. Jackfruit is a rich food source of vitamins A, and C, thiamine, potassium, calcium, riboflavin, iron, niacin, and zinc.

The fruit also provides fiber which is low in calories, making it good for people with heart problems. The high potassium content in jackfruit can ensure the balance of sodium or electrolytes that function to regulate water levels in the body. When sodium levels are disturbed, damage to the arteries and heart will occur.

2. Mango

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All fruits have tons of health benefits, and mangoes are no exception. This fiber-rich fruit is never overlooked by people. The tempting freshness of the fruit often makes people flock to consume it. Especially when mango season arrives, almost all fruit figures decorate their shelves with piles of mangoes.

Apart from its delicious taste, mangoes do have a number of health benefits. Mangoes have a very high nutritional value as they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You will find vitamins C, A, B6, E, K, beta-carotene, magnesium, and many more, which apart from keeping your body healthy will even improve the health of your skin.

Applying mango grains to the skin will help clean the pores and prevent blackheads and acne. Mango extract will help keep your skin healthy by simply clearing all the bacteria on the skin.

3. Pineapple

Pictures of Pineapple(Ananas comosus/harianjogja)

Pineapple has a refreshing blend of sour and sweet flavors. This yellow-colored fruit is often processed into drinks. Not only does it taste refreshing, but pineapple is also nutritious and rich in vitamins. Behind its slightly sharp skin, pineapple contains important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs to work optimally.

Because of its content, the benefits of pineapple for human health are quite numerous. Pineapple is an antioxidant-producing fruit. Vitamins A and C from pineapple are sources of antioxidants. Other nutrients in pineapple include phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, thiamine, fiber, sodium, and fruit sugar (sucrose).

Besides pineapple is very low in calories. One fresh pineapple contains only 82 calories.

4. Star Fruit

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Star fruit or Averroes Caracalla is a golden yellow tropical fruit with a distinctive star-like flavor and shape. To eat this fruit, you don’t need to peel it. Simply wash and cut into pieces according to taste, then you can enjoy it as a fruit salad, pickle, or fruit juice. Not only loved as a dessert, you should also know the various content and health benefits of star fruit.

A study revealed that star fruit can help prevent cancer. The flavonoid polyphenols contained in this fruit can counteract the mutagen effects of free radicals and eliminate them from your body, thus avoiding the possibility of chronic diseases.

In addition, belimbing wuluh is also rich in fiber, which can help cleanse harmful toxins in the colon.

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