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Here’s What to do if an Earthquake Strikes While you’re in Bali

Here’s What to do if an Earthquake Strikes While you’re in Bali – Tremors in this part of the world are a very common occurrence, and locals are very used to them. And, while Bali tends not to be the hottest earthquake spot in Indonesia, it does get its share of larger quakes. For the uninitiated, earthquakes (or even just heavier tremors) can be a scary experience, and it’s important to stay calm and act quickly.

Here are some tips on what to do in case of an earthquake while you are in Bali:


If the building starts shaking while you are at home, run outside immediately. Go to the nearest open area and protect your head while you are out-take your helmet or pillow if it is within reach.


If you happen to be in a shopping mall or resort when an earthquake occurs, stay calm. Follow evacuation instructions by personnel – they have likely been trained for such emergencies – or find a fire escape and go outdoors to an open space. Do not use the elevator.


If you feel the ground shaking while you are driving or sitting in a vehicle, make sure your seat belt is fastened and hold on to something stable lightly, such as a handrail. This prevents you from possibly injuring yourself if the vehicle stops suddenly. Ask the driver to slow down and leave the vehicle immediately.


If you are in nature when an earthquake occurs, you need to react quickly. Earthquakes can cause landslides and tsunamis. If you are near a mountain, move away from the slopes. Those on the beach should quickly find higher ground.


There may still be aftershocks a few minutes after an earthquake occurs. Once the ground has settled, check for injuries and treat them, if any. Provide assistance to those around you.


As Bali is prone to earthquakes and tremors, it is important that you are aware of your surroundings while you are on vacation and prepare yourself in case of an earthquake. Pay attention to multiple exits when you enter a building. We also recommend taking note of Indonesia’s emergency numbers:

  • Main Emergency Line (112)
  • Police (110)
  • Ambulance (119)
  • National Search and Rescue (117)
  • Fire Department (113)

For calls on a Local SIM, dial the Area code first: 0361 South Bali, 0362 North Bali, 0363 East Bali, 0365 West Bali, 0368 Bedugul. If you have an International SIM, make sure you dial the Country code +62 followed by the Area code.

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