7 Traits & Habits of Balinese People That Impress You

7 Traits & Habits of Balinese People That Impress You – The nature and habits of the Balinese people are known to be unique. In fact, these habits have been carried out by the ancestors and have not changed until now. Want to know what they are? Check out the review in this article! Bali is one of the most internationally recognized tourist destinations.

The Island of the Gods also has its own uniqueness compared to other regions in Indonesia, such as dances, rituals, and traditional clothing. Apart from its natural beauty and atmosphere, Balinese people also have traits and habits that make tourists feel comfortable and at home.

So what are the traits and habits of Balinese people that make many travelers feel interested and at home in Bali? Just read the following review!

7 Balinese Traits & Habits

1. Good at English

As a world tourist destination, Bali is visited by many tourists from various countries. This makes Balinese people, especially in coastal areas, able to learn English easily from tourists.

The concept of learning by doing is what makes Balinese people quickly adapt and be able to communicate with tourists in English. This habit makes tourists feel at home because of the ease with which they can interact with Balinese people.

2. Upholding Customs & Culture

Although Bali is never empty of tourists from various cultures, it does not make Balinese people forget their original customs and culture.

They still uphold their customs and culture, such as pawiwahan (Balinese wedding) and ngaben (death) ceremonies.

In fact, until now there is still a culture of cutting teeth in Bali called mapandes.

This custom and culture are unique and make foreign tourists interested and feel at home because they don’t find it in their home regions or countries.

3. Easy to Familiarize

Balinese people are also known to be easy to mingle with and familiar.

The reason is Bali as a tourism sector that makes its citizens accustomed to mingling with anyone including foreign tourists.

Even with simple English, they are also brave and easy to get along with foreign tourists.

4. Always Smile

Besides being quickly familiar, Balinese people are also known to smile. Not only smiling, many of the Balinese people also like to greet anyone including tourists.

5. Ready to Become a Tour Guide

Balinese people are smart enough to find side jobs, one of which is by becoming a tour guide. Not only does it benefit the Balinese economically, but it is also a distinct advantage for tourists who are on vacation in Bali.

As a result, tourists have no trouble finding their desired tourist destination.

6. Always Provide Empty Rooms

Residents in Bali also have a unique habit of providing empty rooms in their houses. So if you are in Bali and run out of hotel rooms and lodging, you can try asking permission to stay at their house.

They will gladly give you a room to stay in for a night or two. That’s because their nature is known as belog polos, which are happy to welcome people into the house.

7. Have Unique Rituals

Community life in Bali is very much tied to religious norms and values. This makes Balinese people have so many unique rituals that make tourists amazed. One of them is a ritual called mesaiban or ngejot.

Mesaiban or also known as ngejot is a small ritual performed in the morning by serving food cooked in the sanggah (small temple). They do this as a form of gratitude for God’s grace.

These are some of the traits and customs of the Balinese that characterize their people.

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