5 Reasons Why You Should Climbing in Indonesia

Mountain climbing in Indonesia, One reason Indonesia has many mountains is that it is located on two continental plates. Surely this is a work of God to be grateful for. This also causes the mountains in Indonesia to have a good impact on the economy and tourism.

Indonesia has the seven highest mountains called the Seven Summit Indonesia. The presence of these seven summits became the center of attention of local and foreign climbers. You can even find eternal snow on the first highest peak in Indonesia, namely Carstensz Pyramid, Papua. Here are 5 reasons why mountain climbing in Indonesia is popular

The sensation of being on a plateau

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First, why Mountain climbing in Indonesia popular is The busyness and routines of millennials and gen Z, who focus on the city center cause their stress levels to be high. So, being in the highlands or climbing mountains is the most anticipated activity.

Because we can see the beauty of sunrise and sunset directly in locations that you are not used to seeing before. The color combination is so beautiful that anyone who sees it will be amazed, at how beautiful the universe is.

Easy to find the necessary equipment

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The number of people interested in climbing mountains, making climbing equipment stores also receive a lot of customers. If you don’t have the funds to buy equipment, many outdoor equipment rental shops also offer their services.

Usually, this outdoor equipment rental provides a rate based on how long it takes to borrow. Especially if you climb it in a group, the rent will be cheaper.

Expanding public transportation routes

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The increasing need for public transportation also greatly affects climbing tourism activities. With the expansion of public transportation routes such as trains, buses, and boats, making climbing trips will feel even easier.

This easy access to transportation has reached various areas that offer climbing attractions in the mountains.

The hiking trails are getting more organized

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If you look back, the hiking trails and terrain in some mountains were still difficult to reach. However, because of the high interest of the community to climb, make mountain tourism managers in each area improve their facilities. Including access to the hiking trails that are neatly made and there are directions. This of course makes it easier for novice climbers to conquer the mountains.

The myth of meeting a soul mate

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Some mountains in Indonesia still have myths. For example, a mountain is a meeting place for a soul mate. Therefore, the climbers are eager to make this myth a place for their excitement to find a mate. For climbers, you must be familiar with the “incline of love” on Mount Semeru, right? But not all climbers believe this myth.

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